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All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.

John F. Kennedy



Life Coaching provides a safe space to Dare, Dream, and Discover. Life coaches work with clients to co-create the life they dream about but can hardly dare imagine. When you’re gifted, quite often you can imagine something pretty incredible. You need a coach who can imagine with you, make intuitive leaps, and process ideas as quickly as you do. You need a coach who can understand the daily challenges being gifted presents. You need a gifted coach.

At Lion Life, we embrace your goals for change and support you as you create your best life. We use the Co-Active Coaching Model to help you identify what is really important. Together, we figure out how to leverage your talents to meet your goals - whatever they may be. Clients of all ages learn skills that will help them develop and nurture their gifts throughout their lifetime.

We customize our coaching to the client and become a special kind of individual support. Some of the issues that clients commonly come to coaching with include:

  • Difficulty making decisions due to multipotentiality or perfectionism
  • Under-stimulation and boredom at work or at school
  • Sensory overload impairing performance (overexcitabilities)
  • A desire to live authentically and use their gifts to make a larger contribution
  • Reasons unique to that individual

Lion Life offers free 30-minute sample sessions. Please contact us for a telephone appointment.