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Destiny is not a matter of chance but of choice. Not something to wish for but to attain.

William Jennings Bryan



"I really think that today was special because you made me realize a lot of things about myself."
Kelli S., age 12, workshop participant

"It is apparent that Ms. Fletcher genuinely cares for each individual that she works with. As a result of having Ms. Fletcher in my class, the students had fun, learned to accept one another’s differences and became confident with sharing and expressing their own ideas and their own individuality."
Tybie Elenko, Gifted Program Teacher

"I came to Joanna with anxiety and frustration over how to meet my goals. She helped me throw out my negative motivators and look at what was fundamentally important to me. After only a few sessions my perspective had widened and I felt I could work towards my goals with a new sense of ease and fun. The coaching reinforced my strengths and helped me embrace a positive outlook. Joanna is an ocean of energy and strength that I recommend all should drink from."
Shana Orlowsky, Coaching Client