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Every organism has an internal drive to fulfill its biological design. The same is true for unusually bright children.

Stephanie S. Tolan


Perfectionism is a very common complaint for gifted people. Their wider perspective of the world allows them to see incongruities, logical fallacies, and big picture problems that are not visible to the general population or do not seem to be an issue to the majority of people.

The outstanding ability of many gifted children and adults leads them to analyze these problems, think of alternative solutions, or create entirely new ways to accomplish a task. Their unusual worldview leaves them feeling isolated and alone in their vision.

A coach's support in a unique perspective on life can be critically validating to a gifted person used to having their ideas misunderstood or dismissed. Working with a coach when choosing what to do first is invaluable until the work gains its own momentum. Similarly, a perfectionist can often use help to overcome temporary setbacks or blocks, and to decide when something is finished.

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